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Schedule Vehicles

  • Rental Quote Creation (Video 8:01) Watch this short video to get an overview on how a reservation is created in Rental Manager eXpress..
  • Gather Renter's Requirements, Trip Information and Point of Contact  This system is designed to efficiently handle a high volume of incoming phone calls by cutting the time needed on the phone down to as little as 1-2 minutes. You can access all needed information within 2-3 mouse clicks.
  • Create and track multiple estimates during a single phone call  Its just as easy to create a multiple estimates as it is a single one. By switching vehicles and hitting one button you can generate additional estimates. Estimates are like a preliminary Rental Agreement, each with their own Customer, Destination, Vehicle, pricing and more.
  • Work with a Point of Contact on behalf of multiple renters on different Agremeents Properly track Point of Contact information without merging the info into each Rental Agreement record. This keeps the data cleaner.
  • Auto generates future reminders/tasks when sending emails Lets' say you are about to email a set of rental documents to your customer and you don't want to forget to give them a call at 2PM after a 4 day holiday and you want a 5 min reminder to pop-up. By turning on a single check box on the Generated Email form a panel slides open so you adjust the date and time for the future task. This task will later be auto generated, once the email you are working has been sent.

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