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Phone Communications (coming soon)

  • In App Dialing Make and receive quality and reliable calls while inside the RMX application.
  • Track in-bound calls - When a Ring Central call is received the RMX application responds by looking up the Caller ID number in the Contacts table. If found, it displays a screen designed specifically showing relevant information, so that you know who is calling before you pick up the phone. From this form the employee will see enough information to address most any of the renter's concerns, in just a few mouse clicks. If the in-coming call is not found within RMX no action is taken.
  • Track Out-bound calls - When an employee starts an out-bound call using the dialing RMX feature, the application creates a communications record which keeps track of the date, time, employee and a place for the Agent to enter any call notes.
  • Review Recorded calls - Ring Central has the option to "Record All Calls". If the call was recorded, the application will queue our cloud server to copy the voice file conversation from the Ring Central's server directly into the RMX cloud server. All calls are available for review.
  • One touch On screen dialing
    Throughout the application when a phone number is displayed you can right click on it and select Ring Central Dial. A form will pop up for you to enter a note regarding the call.
  • Stop Misdials Click to dial phone numbers from any Contact, to eliminate misdials and enhance productivity.
  • All Devices Seamless integration lets you make calls with any preferred device: desk phone, softphone, or mobile via RingCentral’s RingOut feature. (Ver 2)
  • Pop Up Caller Id Instantly display an incoming caller’s record or search result when a matched caller ID is found.
  • Flexible Call Handling Meet agents’ needs when handling a incoming calls—create a new estimate, customer record, or a task for someone else.
  • Reports Easy report generation for historical call logs, such as average call duration per user or group, etc.

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