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Multiple Rental Locations

  • Email Automation - Most modern business rely on company or a location email box that someone is assinged to maintain. RMX fills the role of processing each location's Inbox by downloading, opening, reading and assigning the email to any or all of the following: Rental Agreement, Customer, Employee, Vehicle, Location and RV Owner. It then notifies the agents of the new email in the "Assign Email" Inbox. All agents have access to these same 2 inboxes. Each email that it is unable to assgin, like spam, will be in the " Un-Assigned Email" folder which is left for human assignment or deletion. The idea is to keep both boxes empty by either deleted the junk or completing the assigned.
  • Multi-Location Data Security This system has multiple ways it can be configured. One way is called "Location Private" it allows the searching of phone numbers and customers names to be location public while the email messages, vehicles, estimates, employee and other information will be location private.
  • Re-assign vehicles between locations Specific checks will be ran to ensure data integrity and will stop you from re-locating a vehicle if there are prior bookings and warn you of all existing active estimates.
  • Location Liability This feature allows you to properly track refunds that have an expiration date. Later the system will advise the agent, when this customer is selected onto an Agreement, that there is a liability on this account. This will ensure that it gets properly used.

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