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Manage Documents

  • We provide templates that you can change There are email templates that cover each aspect of the rental process. Sending personalized templated emails to your customers is now very easy. Email templates include your pre-specify rental forms such as Rental Agreement, Cancellation Policy, Credit Card Authorization, and many others. You can copy our templates and easily make your own version.
  • Tracks and Stores all rental-related correspondence  No more hunting for emails. RMX utilizes its own account for sending and receiving emails from and to your rental agents and customers. Each email is automatically downloaded into RMX and magically is attached to your rental. Just open the rental to find all emails sent or received.
  • Generates and tracks outgoing email quotes with attachments You have the ability to see who created every document when it was generated or sent. You can reopen every specific version of the document with the included attachments.
  • Auto processes Incoming email and assigns them to an Agreement This application relies on either a POP/SMTP/SendGrid email account. It uses this account to send and receive all the emails it generates. It gathers it's email and decides which rental the email is assigned to. During this process, it assigns the email to a Rental, Customer, Vehicle and/or RV Owner. Emails that the processing routine is unable to assign will be left for an employee to assist. These emails are called Unassigned emails. Employees can manually assign emails that need to be tracked through the system. Other emails can be forwarded or deleted.
  • Keeps track of documents that are required but currently missing Email templates have attached documents. These pre-merged documents can be marked as " Signature Required ". This means when the document is emailed we now know to expect it back with the customer's signature on it. This information gives you the ability to know when documents are missing.
  • Sends renter Credit Card receipts to Cell or Email (coming soon) You can ask your customer if they would like for you to email the receipt directly to their email account or even send it to their cell phone as a text message.
  • Works with most any scanner (coming soon) The software will connect to TWAIN compliant scanners to gather insurance cards, drivers license.
  • Use your iPhone or Android device to scan ID cards  Simply scan our QRCode and you phone magically turns into a scanner or signature pad
  • Creates a Rental Clipboard PDF for easy viewing from the Cloud RMXiDrive (coming soon.) Since RMX is tracking every document and knows which images contain the final signatures, it is able to generate a multipage PDF containing the entire "Rental Clipboard " including the additional Check-In / Check-Out forms. Each night a routine will automatically run that looks at the calendar and determines which vehicles are due to either leave or return in the next 48 hours. It then generates a new Rental Clipboard for those specific rentals and places them in our cloud RMXiDrive. You are then able to access this RMXiDrive from your any computer at any time to view those PDF files. We have designed the RMXiDrive to be de-coupled from the main system so that if you were unable to access the RMX application you still should be able to open your RMXiDrive.
  • Customizable templates The RMX application has both a Rich Text Editor for email Templates and a Business level report designer. Both applications give you the ability to drag and drop data fields into your templates and reports, copy our templates and make your own changes then save the new version. Email Templates have a feature to specify external PDF files that will merge with your rental data and attached to the out-going email.

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