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Manage Documents

  • Comes with pre-created email templates There are email templates that cover each aspect of the rental process. Sending emails to your customers hasn't been easier. You can send a short email estimate that only includes the list of vehicles and estimated pricing or convert the estimate into an Agreement. The Agreement templates might include additional attachments for Rental Agreements, Cancellation Policies or Credit Card Authorization forms. You can copy our templates and easily make your own variations.
  • Tracks and Stores all rental-related correspondence   Regardless of which documents you send and when during the rental process you require signatures, RMX can keep track of every single document that it generates, sends or receives via email and even makes copies of what was printed.
  • Generates and tracks outgoing email quotes with attachments You have the ability to see who created every document when it was generated or sent and reopen that specific version of the document including the attachments.
  • Auto processes Incoming email and assigns them to an estimate or agreement This application requires its own POP/SMTP email box. It uses this account to send and receive all emails it generates and automatically processes all replies. During this process it assigns Estimate, Rental, Customer, Vehicle and/or RV Owner the mail it is referring to. Emails that the processing routine is unable to assign will be left for manual assignment by an employee. These emails are called Unassigned emails. Employees are able to manually assign emails that need to be tracked through the system or just delete unneeded emails.
  • Keeps track of documents that are required but currently missing (coming soon) Templates have the ability to be marked as " Signature Required ", this means when the template is used to generate an email or is printed if the signature required button is turned on, we now know to expect this document to either be returned via email or scanned back into the system with the signature on it. This information gives you the ability to know when documents are missing or have all been received.
  • Sends renter Credit Card receipts to Cell or Email (coming soon) You can ask your customer if they would like for you to email the receipt directly to their email account or even send it to their cell phone as a text message.
  • Works with most any scanner The software monitors a predefined folder on your local computer. All that is needed is to simply specify the directory where your scanner saves its images. Once your scanner has completed its operation, our system will pop up a viewer, prompting which requirement the image is fulfilling. If your device does not normally scan into a PDF or RMX, convert.Jpeg image files into.PDF files.
  • Creates a Rental Clipboard PDF for easy viewing from the Cloud RMXiDrive (coming soon.) Since RMX is tracking every document and knows which images contain the final signatures, it is able to generate a multipage PDF containing the entire "Rental Clipboard " including the additional Check-In / Check-Out forms. Each night a routine automatically runs that looks at the calendar and determines which vehicles are due to either leave or return in the next 48 hours. It then generates a new Rental Clipboard for those specific rentals and places them in our cloud RMXiDrive. You are able to access this RMXiDrive from your office computers at any time to view those PDF files. We have designed the RMXiDrive to be de-coupled from the main system so that if you were unable to access the RMX application you still should be able to open your RMXiDrive.
  • Customizable templates The RMX application has both a Rich Text Editor for email Templates and a Business level Report Editor. Both editors give you the ability to drag and drop data fields into your templates and reports, copy our templates, make your own changes and save a new version. You can even embed a template within another template. Which means you can create generic paragraphs that will be inserted into multiple templates like Pet Policy or Cancellation Policy paragraphs. Templates also have the ability to specify external.PDF files that need to be attached when emailing and printed in addition to the actual template printing of the merged template.

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