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Fast Quote Generation

View/edit multiple agreements at the same time
This Windows application is designed to accommodate multiple monitors. You are able to open multiple application windows for multiple customers and edit each record independently. This means you do not have to complete one quotation/agreement before you open or start another one.
Control double booking
Our Vehicle Availability Selection form is designed to visually assist the rental agent during vehicle selection. The agent will be shown all available vehicles for the specified date range, plus they have the ability to change vehicles views based on: Class, Days Used, Negative Owner Reserve, Vehicle Condition, Number of Beds, Number of Seat Belts and much more. There is even a way to select an existing booked vehicles and force an over booked situation and still easily keep track of it. This is handy if you purposely overbook a specific vehicle model to help justify later adding an additional vehicle to your fleet.
Daily, Weekly and Monthly Calendar Views
RMX has multiple booking calendars. There are calendars for both Vehicle Bookings and Optional Equipment Bookings. You can now schedule generators, kitchen packages and other limited assets. Using this avoids or track overbooking limited optional equipment.

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