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About Us

Expert Data Solutions, Inc. has been in the database software development business since 1992 and  working in the RV Rental Industry doing software technical support and software development on eWebRenter since 2006. We have design and coded large business database applications in over a dozen industries. See our primary website for more indepth information.

In 2013 we decided it was time to build a replacement program for what most of the RV rental industry is currently using, eWebRenter. That system been around for 15 years or more and is based off of technology from and era that has come and gone. It was written in Microsoft Access and has many programmers work on it over the years. It also offers many challenges to the unhappy rental agents that I hear from on a weekly basis.

Our new software designed is based on years of working with RV Rental Agents doing support, training, and even assisting in the day to day operations of a 50 vehicle rental fleet location for Three years. In an effort to ease the transition into this new system we have produces short 2-5 minute videos to walk you through setting up and using the system. You can always call our office durning business hours and ask for assistance.

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