Vehicle Pricing Scheme

Items and labor

This application allow you to setup many different types of pricing schemes. It handles a single price for an entire trip which could be used for Linen Packages or Dump fees, for example. You can also price items (such as generators with chronometers) by the hour or labor by a quantity. You can even create a pricing scheme where the quantity for a cleaning package is based on the length of the vehicle. You can create a luxury tax and set it to be added to a specific class of RV such as Class-A Diesel. Every item also has its own tax percentage rate.

Seasonal Pricing

You might create a pricing scheme from, May, 1 - Aug 30 the daily price starts at $225/day and then from Sep,1 - April 30 the daily price is lowered to $195. There is a schema that has 31 separate places for you to insert a price, one for each day of the month. Depending on the length of the rental it would add the prices for each day of the month. This leaves you in total control.

Mileage - Unlimited Multi-tier

You are able to specify how many miles per day are free and then the price per mile for an unlimited number of mile ranges. ie. 0-99=Free, 100-199=33 cents, 200-999= 66 cents, 1000-10000=$1.33

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